Activities in Heraklion

Water Sports

In the crystal clear waters of Agia Pelagia, guests can enjoy more than just the sun and surf. These wonderful beaches provide, among other things, the appropriate water sports infrastructure. Professionals and beginners who want to test their strengths, limits and spend enjoyable hours can be accomodated. Guests can enjoy water skiing, canoe-kayaking, scuba diving, wind surfing and various other water games such as pedalo, ring or banana. If you already have the equipment and you are familiar with the sea, you can simply choose the beach that suits you and suit yourself! Due to the summer winds that blow on the northern beaches of the island, there are many suitable beaches for surfing which are easy to discover. If you are a beginner there are many organized businesses with professionals who provide the right equipment for any water game or sport.



The best way for a visitor to explore Crete is to walk beyond the point that a car can reach, follow paths from the Minoan era, smell the herbs in the numerous Cretan canyons, climb the bare peaks of the tallest mountains, and be rewarded for the hard work with the serenity of the soul that will be offered to him by the veneration of the deep blue of the Cretan and the Libyan Sea. In the region of Heraklion there are plenty of choices among excellent mapped routes with varying levels of difficulty.


Scuba Diving

If you love the sea then during your stay on the island you will have the chance to try the experience of diving in the wonderful undersea world of Crete. Even if you are a beginner there are many diving centers throughout the prefecture of Heraklion that will initiate you into the secrets of safe diving and will accompany you in incredible beauty landscapes at the seabed, providing you with the right equipment. The numerous shipwrecks and crashed airplanes that indicate the history of the island, the scattered flooded cities such as the Roman settlement of Lefkas and the Sanctuary of Viena in Lake Krios are some of the unique places the visitor can explore either using only a mask or using the proper diving equipment.


Sailing Trip to Dia island

Take a cool dive into the crystal waters of Dia island, go on a romantic sailing at sunset, enjoy a fun-fishing experience with your children, walk along the beautiful trail of cedars, relax in the quiet small bay of Snt George overlooking Heraklion! Dia, the small island opposite Heraklion. Environmentally protected, with a shape like a giant lizard, with turquoise, extremely clean sea water and a magic seabed, with a long history as a minoan ancient port, Dia is surely one of the top attractions in Crete and a sailing day trip is the only way to enjoy it!


Horse Riding

The Riding Academy of Crete is an official sports club, member of the Hellenic Equestrian Federation which has been running since 1979 in order to achieve and cultivate love towards horses. The facilities of the Academy are open for the public and form a multiplace of various activities. The main activity is the horse-riding school but the visitor can also walk through the green gardens and have a beverage or a snack at the Ippikos Café and if it is wanted even try to ride one of our horses or ponies. The horse-riding school is only 5 min. from the city center of Heraklion, very close to N. Kazantzakis airport, and it is the perfect destination for an afternoon or a Sunday walk. In the facilities you can watch the horse riding classes & training of riders and horses. If you like you could take a taste of horse riding and get into their world through our classes. A unique place which offers you the opportunity to get connected with nature.


Golf Course

A Cretan sanctuary for golfers awaits you to play, relax, and find yourself. A Cretan haven for golfers and golf enthusiasts has been created at The Crete Golf Club. A state-of-the-art, exceptional 18-hole course sanctioned by the PGA in an unrivalled eco-friendly, natural setting awaits visitors from all over the world to explore its lush grounds and invigorating surroundings, across all four seasons.


Let us take you there…

A Cretan haven for Golfers

The Golf Club benefits from Crete’s endemic climatic advantage especially during the months of autumn, winter and spring, when the temperatures are quite mild and the outdoors are surprisingly pleasant, allowing for a great game or two or three! In Crete, you can enjoy golfing, all year round.