Cocktail Lounge

The impressive shelving of the Happy Cretan Bar, with its bottles collection, is itself a statement of purpose. Try some of the classic cocktails -such as Dry Martini, Cosmopolitan or Manhattan- or some of the excellent cocktail creations, depending on your preferences: fresh, sweet, aromatic or intense drinks, elaborated by expert hands, to seduce the even the most refined or curious palates.


The Happy Cretan Bar also offers an innovative selection of deluxe snacks, that accompany the artisan cocktails. It presents an original menu of exquisite finger food bites, made with fresh local products, that guests can enjoy while having a drink and spending unforgettable moments on the pool all day. The Happy Cretan Bar blends a menu of Premium cocktails and a selection of delicate snacks, with an exclusive interior and outdoor design: a spectacular combination in our luxury hotel.