Greek Breakfast

At our Restaurant, you will realise just how seriously we take breakfast. Since it is considered the most important meal of the day, we jump at the opportunity to make your mornings a more than pleasant experience. Our Restaurant serves the delectable Happy Cretan breakfast, to start your day in the most delicious way. Savour a variety of options, with a choice of a la carte dishes too, cooked to order, as well as the little treasures of our pastry chef.

With experience that stems from the famous Pastry Cafe “Samaria Delizioso” in Heraklion since 1977, pastry chef Giannis Manias is behind the unique Happy Cretan gastronomic experience. Everything served at Happy Cretan we produce ourselves; from bread, croissants and pastries, even including our amazing ice cream. And if you wish to visit Knossos or Heraklion archaeological museum during your stay, you can also give our “Samaria Delizioso” a try! We would love to see you, and spoil you with our treats. Our pastry shop is just minutes from the famous Lions Square. It is the oldest and the best pastry cafe in town, that will blow your mind away. Try Cold Coffee Cream!