A skilled chef, inventive cuisine and a variety of dining venues have earned Happy Cretan a reputation for excellence in dining. Guests of Happy Cretan can choose from a wide variety of dining venues. A romantic dinner by the pool will showcase the renowned Cretan gastronomic culture, combined with gorgeous sunset views. Each gastronomy venue is equally distinctive, as the restaurant interiors have been inspired by the Aegean architecture.

The core of the Cretan cuisine consists of food derived from natural sources, whereas food of animal origin was more peripheral in nature. In general, dishes are made from seasonal products, available in the wider local area, which have undergone minimal processing or none at all. The traditional Cretan cuisine was widespread on the island until the 1960s when, with improving living standards, alimentary patterns changed towards more meat and other animal-derived produce. Based on top quality local products, the Happy Cretan menu presents a series of traditional recipes, with a creative new and modern flair. It is best described as a contemporary and original cuisine, accompanied by a careful selection of wines.